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You may be disappointed by the loss to Kentucky in the Elite 8, but if someone had told you after Carolina got wrecked by Vanderbilt back in Puerto Rico that the team would be one of the last eight standing in March, be honest, you never would have believed that. This episode, we try to make sense of the Marquette and Wildcat games. We also choose our top 3 moments of the season, and Dook sucks this week because, for them, making the Final Four -- or even the Elite 8 -- is a complete anomaly. Email us thbthd@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Visit our site at thbthd.com

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Reed and Andy break down the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament.  The identity of Reed's new "boy" is revealed and he tells a story about NOT buying crack in Newark, NJ (where the Heels will play this weekend).  Andy has a serious problem with a dude named Perky.  No lie.

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Ian Williams, author of the Daily Tar Heel's most famous anti-Dook column of all time, joins us to discuss the ACC tournament and the March Madness going forward. Also, we've got a multiple choice quiz on UNC's first-round opponent, the obscure Long Island University, and Ian pinch hits with a special Dook sucks installment that proves everyone hates the Blue Devils -- even one-year-olds. 

Email us at thbthd@gmail.com, call the hotline at 206-426-2676, and follow us on Twitter. 

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And Dook goes down. Hard. We've got all the reasons why this win was more fun than anything Charlie Sheen did on Saturday night. Also, on this all-Dook spectacular episode, Andy and Reed debunk the top 5 myths that this game laid bare about the Blue Devils. Visit our web site at thbthd.com, follow us on Twitter, or send us an email at thbthd@gmail.com

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