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Texas. Awful. So what's gone wrong? And who is Reggie Bullock calling out with his "trying to get his own stats" comments? We have some guesses. Also, Dook sucks this week because Miles Plumlee got recalled from the D League. But only for about 13 minutes. 

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This week, a furious debate breaks out, the likes of which the country hasn't seen since that whole Team Jacob/Team Edward junk. Which side are you on: Team Marcus or Team Strickland? Also, we play Buy/Sell/Hold with the bench players, and in Dook Sucks, Austin Rivers is on pace to be among the worst rookie guards of all time. Of. All. Time. 

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In this week’s episode, we take yet another look at the James/Johnson/Hubert situation and get pumped up about JP Tokoto’s athletic prowess. Reed reveals something about Reggie Bullock that catches Andy off-guard. If each of the starting five was a stock, would you be Buying, Selling or Holding? In Duke Sucks, Brian Zoubek takes his cream puffs on the road (neutral site, of course).

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In this week’s episode, the permatopic is back. Starting at center for UNC next week? Caller #5. Sure, the Indiana loss sucked, but what does it really mean for the rest of the season? Did the injury to Marcus Paige give the team a silver lining in terms of the starting lineup? Reed quizzes Andy on some of the team’s more obscure career high stats and we understand the dookies are trying to create a nickname again for one of their freshmen.

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In this week’s episode, Andy and Reed gladly bury the one-week permatopic about the Desmond Hubert Experiment. With all of the 3-pointers the Tar Heels are hoisting up, are we – gulp – turning into Duke? The phenomenon of the Small Ball lineup is covered and we share with you what we are thankful for this year. In Duke Sucks, we officially put a dookie pine rider on transfer alert.

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Author Ian Williams joins Andy and Reed again to discuss why in the name of Odin's beard Desmond Hubert is still starting and the rotation in general. Also, Ian has some on-the-ground observations after the game at Long Beach State where he met some so-called "Wal-Mart fans." Finally, Dook sucks this week because they evidently believe they're part of some kind of Al Jolson film. 

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Reed and Andy try to forget about some crazy predictions made last week by making more crazy predictions after two games versus less than stellar competition. James Michael McAdoo is making us believers while this Desmond Hubert starting thing just confuses us. FTs? WTF? What else would Bojangles do for discounted biscuits? (100 points ain’t happenin’, folks). In Duke Sucks this week, we check in on a dookie rookie in the NBA.

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It's the annual predictions episode, as Andy and Reed make completely unscientific predictions about the upcoming season based on nothing more than one exhibition game and a fortune-telling octopus. So who will be Carolina's leading scorer, top defender or assist leader? What will the team's record be and which player will become Mr. Biscuits? Also, we've got a prediction in this week's Dook Sucks segment. 

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In this week’s episode, Andy and Reed put waaaaaay too much stock in breaking down a glorified practice (aka – the exhibition game) against Shaw. We get a read on the “ACL Boys”, the incoming freshman class and HOLY CRAP DID DESMOND HUBERT SERIOUSLY START???!?!? In a special “Duke Sucks” moment, find out what Eric Montross thought about the book.

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It's the annual schedule episode where Reed and Andy go through the games for the upcoming season. Which game scares us? What is the toughest stretch? What poor team is facing an epic beatdown? For this week's reason why Duke Sucks, we talk about Jesus pendants, a dude who averaged like 6 points a game and the dream of an asterisk.

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It's the giant post-draft round-up with special guest and NBA expert David Kay. Did the Heels go where expected? Who will have the best NBA career? Who is likely to be selling paint in Carrboro in three years? Plus, a draft-themed edition of Dook sucks. 

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Andy and Reed continue to break down (and get over) the 2011-2012 season with the ever-popular “Post Season Awards Episode”. Reed is left dumbfounded when Andy reveals his special tribute to Kendall Marshall. This week’s reason that Duke Sucks is like the Plumlee brothers – there are three of them.

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The End of the Season Awards Spectacular episode gets put on hold to deal with the news that most of Carolina's starting line-up is about to become really rich. How will Henson, Barnes and Marshall do in the NBA, and what will become of the Heels next season? Finally, Dook sucks this week because their players have more stray elbows than bricks in the crappy faux-Gothic campus. 

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It's a special episode with only sad interstitial as the Heels' season comes to an end. How did Stilman White acquit hiimself in the last two games, and can anyone explain what's going on with Harrison Barnes? Also, we look at some of the many celebrities who filled out tourney brackets and see how they're doing. Finally, Dook sucks this week because one politician prefers them to crazed, radical murderers. 

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We still can’t freaking believe that this is happening. Nonetheless, we forge ahead. Is there any hope to make it to the Final Four now? Just how dirty is this Creighton team? Maybe we will feel better if we make fun of that old dude on their team. Or maybe not. Oh, and Duke Sucks. Big time. Like 15 > 2 big time. We are all Mountain Hawks.

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Does anyone feel anything but abject ennui for the ACC Tourney? We discuss. Plus a John Henson update from an inside source, and we look at Carolina's NCAA bracket and feel scarily good about the team's chances. Reed tests Andy's knowledge of our obscure first-round opponents Lamar and Vermont and finally, Dook sucks this week because Christian Laettner is about to pay the judicial piper 20 years after he stepped on that Kentucky player. Karma is a beast. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com or visit our site thbthd.com

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This week, Reed and Andy are still flying high after the 18-point demolition of Duke in Cameron. With such a balanced performance, the debate is on for who was the player of the game. That Austin Rivers shot stings a little less now but was the win enough to put the Heels in line for a #1 seed? All of that and an extended dance remix of Duke Sucks.

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We wade into the Tyler Zeller for ACC Player of the Year debate and discuss Butter's crazy performance at State...then his letdown at UVA. Also, are the announcers who call our games really as biased as those griping on message boards say they are? We chart the positive and negative comments of Len Elmore and Mike Patrick during the Virginia game. The results will surprise you. Finally, Dook sucks because we're tired of looking at their parents. 

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This week Reed and Andy ask you - is there anything more certain than Clemson laying an egg in Chapel Hill? We take a closer look at some scores over the years. Harrison Barnes is coming on as late but has PJ lost his coveted status as Reed’s “boy”? And could Duke really suck so bad that a man still can’t wear Blue Devil gear, even though his own daughter goes to school there?

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We know the pain is still fresh, but we have to do it. We have to address the Dook game. Is it ever fair to blame the refs for a loss? Also, what's up with the anemic three-point shooting? Also, Reed calls some voodoo stores to see about lifting the curse on PJ Hairston. Finally, Dook sucks this week because no matter what Blue Devils fans say, there will never be a book called Carolina Sucks. 

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We take a look back at a strange week in Carolina basketball and ponder whether this team finally acquired the toughness gene. Also, we've got part two of our two-part series on former Carolina players' rap songs. Up this time: Terrence Petree, Larry Drew and Quentin Thomas. Finally, Duke sucks this week because something everyone claimed was an accident was no accident. 

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In honor of our book "Duke Sucks" release, we're joined by Ian Williams, the man behind the famous Daily Tar Heel anti-Duke column. We ponder the back-up point guard situation and question whether a team as hapless as NC State can even be considered a rival. Plus, it's Part 1 of our two-part look at former Carolina players' rap songs, and Dook sucks this week because no one likes them or wants to spend money on them. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com. 

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The emotional pendulum swings in the other direction for Reed and Andy this week after the victory over the Hokies. Who is stepping up on the team as the designated leader? With Strickland out, Reed scares Andy with the thought of Stilman White playing 20 minutes at Cameron. Nerd Alert: this podcast includes a crazy stats quiz. Tidbit #3 from our Duke Sucks book covers an incident that happened nearly 80 years ago.

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Reed and Andy try to make sense of the biggest WTF game from the Heels in awhile and propose that James Michael McAdoo and P.J. Hairston could have handled themselves just fine against some swarming Seminole fans, thank you very much. We talk about Roy’s book before we once again shamelessly shill our own. Because, hey, even Oprah likes it. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com

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Andy is away on vacation this week at Dollywood or wherever he goes, so stepping in is special guest Jonathan Jones, former sports editor at the Daily Tar Heel, not editor in chief at Carolina Blue magazine. We're halfway through the season, so it's time for the mid-season report card. Who gets an A+? And what aspect of Carolina basketball gets an F? (Sorry for the slightly wonky sound. Can't be helped this week.) Email us a thbthd@gmail.com

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