Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead
The UNC basketball podcast for people who'd rather have a beer with Roy Williams than just about anyone. Even Oprah.

We wade into the Tyler Zeller for ACC Player of the Year debate and discuss Butter's crazy performance at State...then his letdown at UVA. Also, are the announcers who call our games really as biased as those griping on message boards say they are? We chart the positive and negative comments of Len Elmore and Mike Patrick during the Virginia game. The results will surprise you. Finally, Dook sucks because we're tired of looking at their parents. 

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This week Reed and Andy ask you - is there anything more certain than Clemson laying an egg in Chapel Hill? We take a closer look at some scores over the years. Harrison Barnes is coming on as late but has PJ lost his coveted status as Reed’s “boy”? And could Duke really suck so bad that a man still can’t wear Blue Devil gear, even though his own daughter goes to school there?

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We know the pain is still fresh, but we have to do it. We have to address the Dook game. Is it ever fair to blame the refs for a loss? Also, what's up with the anemic three-point shooting? Also, Reed calls some voodoo stores to see about lifting the curse on PJ Hairston. Finally, Dook sucks this week because no matter what Blue Devils fans say, there will never be a book called Carolina Sucks. 

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We take a look back at a strange week in Carolina basketball and ponder whether this team finally acquired the toughness gene. Also, we've got part two of our two-part series on former Carolina players' rap songs. Up this time: Terrence Petree, Larry Drew and Quentin Thomas. Finally, Duke sucks this week because something everyone claimed was an accident was no accident. 

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