Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead
The UNC basketball podcast for people who'd rather have a beer with Roy Williams than just about anyone. Even Oprah.

It's a special episode with only sad interstitial as the Heels' season comes to an end. How did Stilman White acquit hiimself in the last two games, and can anyone explain what's going on with Harrison Barnes? Also, we look at some of the many celebrities who filled out tourney brackets and see how they're doing. Finally, Dook sucks this week because one politician prefers them to crazed, radical murderers. 

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We still can’t freaking believe that this is happening. Nonetheless, we forge ahead. Is there any hope to make it to the Final Four now? Just how dirty is this Creighton team? Maybe we will feel better if we make fun of that old dude on their team. Or maybe not. Oh, and Duke Sucks. Big time. Like 15 > 2 big time. We are all Mountain Hawks.

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Does anyone feel anything but abject ennui for the ACC Tourney? We discuss. Plus a John Henson update from an inside source, and we look at Carolina's NCAA bracket and feel scarily good about the team's chances. Reed tests Andy's knowledge of our obscure first-round opponents Lamar and Vermont and finally, Dook sucks this week because Christian Laettner is about to pay the judicial piper 20 years after he stepped on that Kentucky player. Karma is a beast. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com or visit our site thbthd.com

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This week, Reed and Andy are still flying high after the 18-point demolition of Duke in Cameron. With such a balanced performance, the debate is on for who was the player of the game. That Austin Rivers shot stings a little less now but was the win enough to put the Heels in line for a #1 seed? All of that and an extended dance remix of Duke Sucks.

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