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Texas. Awful. So what's gone wrong? And who is Reggie Bullock calling out with his "trying to get his own stats" comments? We have some guesses. Also, Dook sucks this week because Miles Plumlee got recalled from the D League. But only for about 13 minutes. 

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This week, a furious debate breaks out, the likes of which the country hasn't seen since that whole Team Jacob/Team Edward junk. Which side are you on: Team Marcus or Team Strickland? Also, we play Buy/Sell/Hold with the bench players, and in Dook Sucks, Austin Rivers is on pace to be among the worst rookie guards of all time. Of. All. Time. 

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In this week’s episode, we take yet another look at the James/Johnson/Hubert situation and get pumped up about JP Tokoto’s athletic prowess. Reed reveals something about Reggie Bullock that catches Andy off-guard. If each of the starting five was a stock, would you be Buying, Selling or Holding? In Duke Sucks, Brian Zoubek takes his cream puffs on the road (neutral site, of course).

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In this week’s episode, the permatopic is back. Starting at center for UNC next week? Caller #5. Sure, the Indiana loss sucked, but what does it really mean for the rest of the season? Did the injury to Marcus Paige give the team a silver lining in terms of the starting lineup? Reed quizzes Andy on some of the team’s more obscure career high stats and we understand the dookies are trying to create a nickname again for one of their freshmen.

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