Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead
The UNC basketball podcast for people who'd rather have a beer with Roy Williams than just about anyone. Even Oprah.

That's a wrap on the season. What happened against Kansas, and did the Heels over or underachieve for the season? We also revisit our season predictions done way back in October to see how correct we were (not very), and in Dook sucks this week, Andy encounters a clueless Dookie at the Huffington Post. 

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The Heels couldn't get it done in the ACC Tournament final, but it was a nice effort, and we're looking forward to the damage Carolina might do in the NCAAs. That said, c'mon. A #8 seed? We're calling BS? Also, what's with the selection committee's obsession with pairing up Roy Williams and Kansas. It's getting creepy. In this week's Dook Sucks, we've got an anecdote from a New York Times #1 bestselling author. 

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In this week’s episode, Reed and Andy are still a little depressed over the Duke game. OK, a lot depressed. We try to figure out why the Heels couldn’t get it done and what this means going forward. While we aren’t worried about making the tournament anymore, we keep an eye on the seeding possibilities and tell you how the team is positioned for the upcoming ACC Tournament. We also ask WWWD? (What will Wiggins do?) In this week’s “Duke Sucks”, yet another letter to The Chronicle reveals a dookie to be, well, a dookie. But with a twist.

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Two huge wins this past week, but Andy and Reed wonder if all this stellar play is the true personality of the team...or is Carolina due for a crash. Also, we give some love to Reggie Bullock and check in with former UNC alum who are now coaches. In Dook Sucks, Coach K manages to hypnotize the media with a shiny swinging object into talking about the merits of rushing the court instead of the real story: the fact that the Blue Devils can't win on the road. 

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