Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead
The UNC basketball podcast for people who'd rather have a beer with Roy Williams than just about anyone. Even Oprah.

In this week’s episode, Reed and Andy come to terms with the Kentucky loss, worry about whether it’s ok to worry about Marcus Paige and look ahead to the next few key games. Andy lays out a statistic-laden breakdown of recruiting during the Roy Era to try and figure out why our talent seems to be a bit down. Duke Sucks includes a Plumlee a transfer and a letter that no one will read.

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Reed and Andy discuss the Battle for Atlantis and what it will mean for UNC going forward. Who knew that rebounding would be such a problem for this year’s team? Will Nate Britt and Justin Jackson continue to hit the three consistently? Football rivals play for some sort of prize, why don’t we do the same in basketball? The Duke Sucks segment peeks at the pages of Dickie V’s new book.

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This week, Reed and Andy break down the Davidson game including the spirited play of Mr. Meeks. How much should we expect from Marcus Paige at this point in the season. There are lots of things to be thankful for at this time of year, we name a few. There’s big news in the Duke Sucks segment along with a broken chair. 

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We've got our predictions for who will be the scoring, rebounding and assist champs on this team. Also, look who showed up behind the Tar Heel bench the other day. Whuh? We revisit the scandal yet again -- mainly because the announcers keep revisting it. And in Dook sucks, it's a video edition. 

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With the regular season about to start, we look back at the preseason beatdown against...well, it was some opponent. It hardly mattered. We also assess the freshman, and try and figure out what the two keys to the season might be. And yes, we'll discuss the scandal. Tell my mom to stop emailing me. In Duke Sucks, we look at how Coach K is now an expert on US foreign policy and ISIS. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com

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After the summer break, we're back to run down the few Tar Heel tidbits that made news over the last couple months. We've also got a look at the just-released schedule. Kentucky? Duke? Louisville? How bad is it for Carolina? 

And in Dook Sucks, we shine the spotlight on the most unlikely member of Team USA - a guy who doesn't even start on his own team. Whuh? 

Don't be a lazy-ass. Email us at thbthd@gmail.com

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 100

Yes, it's the 100th episode spectacular and it also happens to be the end of the year awards show. Who will win best dunk, best assist and of course, the coveted best hair? We also hand out grades to every member on the team. And in Duke sucks, Grant Hill says something weird about why people hate the Blue Devils. 

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It's the special post-tournament edition. That kind of stunk, eh? We've also got a Duke sucks this week that involves the Blue Devils and their habit of choking at historical proportions. 

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 99

It would probably be best to never talk about that ACC tournament performance again, but we can't help ourselves. We also look ahead to the Big Dance. Can Carolina squeak past higher seeds and make it to the Sweet 16? Seeing as how we know nothing about first opponent Providence, we've got a quiz. Finally in the Duke Sucks segment, we return to something we overlooked last week that has helped Andy decide upon his least favorite Dookie. 

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 98

This turned out to be the all-Duke episode, less by planning and more through necessity. We take a look back at the Duke loss and we also get a report from correspodent Ian Williams, who managed to see the game at the Cameron and somehow made it out without being attacked by Speedo Man. In the official Duke Sucks segment, we round up 5 things -- 5! -- that are annoying us about the Blue Devils this week. 

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Andy has a couple of confessions to make in this week’s episode as we discuss Marcus Paige, the winning streak (with McAdoo beard bonus talk!) and JP Tokoto’s dunking prowess. OK, fine. Some for Heels do embarrassing things. Which ones are the worst? The Duke Sucks segment gets a little dicey.

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Yep. This is the big Duke game episode. Andy was there, and he has some reportage from section 105, row F. (A-hole.) Also, we've got the results of our first-ever contest where listeners share their reasons why Duke sucks. 

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This week, Reed dials in from parts unknown (bear with us on the sound quality) to discuss all things Heels. We give you the latest on Tar Heels in the NBA while Andy completely flips out when discussing the snowed-out Duke game.

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In this week’s episode, Reed is on the road again, so Andy welcomes a very special guest host. We take a look at some of the factors propelling the Heels on the recent win streak. What is the first word that comes to your mind when we say “JJ Redick”? We play a little game of word association to find out. In the “Duke Week” edition of the Duke Sucks segment, we take a look at the aftermath of the loss to Syracuse.

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Big, BIG exhale. The streak survives! Carolina takes down Clemson. We give some much deserved love to Kennedy Meeks and James Michael McAdoo. Also, we've got some other streaks that Carolina basketball has going on that you might not know about. In Duke Sucks, we announce a contest where we're giving away copies of the book Duke Sucks to three listeners. Also, two Duke students apparently don't understand geography very well. To enter the contest, leave us your top reason why Duke Sucks at 641-715-3900, ext. 422465.

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This week, Andy welcomes a special guest host to take us through the Boston College victory. Did we really just see Jackson Simmons start a game? J.P. Tokoto missed two dunks but not much else – we discuss his impact on the team. In Duke Sucks, we learn that Christian Laettner is auctioning off some of his most prized possessions. 

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In this week’s episode, Reed and Andy try not to get too down on the team after the 0-3 conference start. Leslie McDonald is back on the team, but could he be doing more to help? A recurring topic from last year rears its ugly head and we discuss what some would consider an unthinkable topic. In this week’s “Duke Sucks” segment, the book may have truly made a difference in a game – a special guest explains. 

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It was another tough loss for the Heels with the game against Wake. So what exactly happened? Where will the Heels finish in the ACC? Also, we've got some New Year's resolutions for the team. In Duke Sucks this week, K shows his true colors in a loss to his "friend." 

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