Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead
The UNC basketball podcast for people who'd rather have a beer with Roy Williams than just about anyone. Even Oprah.

It's the special post-tournament edition. That kind of stunk, eh? We've also got a Duke sucks this week that involves the Blue Devils and their habit of choking at historical proportions. 

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 99

It would probably be best to never talk about that ACC tournament performance again, but we can't help ourselves. We also look ahead to the Big Dance. Can Carolina squeak past higher seeds and make it to the Sweet 16? Seeing as how we know nothing about first opponent Providence, we've got a quiz. Finally in the Duke Sucks segment, we return to something we overlooked last week that has helped Andy decide upon his least favorite Dookie. 

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 98

This turned out to be the all-Duke episode, less by planning and more through necessity. We take a look back at the Duke loss and we also get a report from correspodent Ian Williams, who managed to see the game at the Cameron and somehow made it out without being attacked by Speedo Man. In the official Duke Sucks segment, we round up 5 things -- 5! -- that are annoying us about the Blue Devils this week. 

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Andy has a couple of confessions to make in this week’s episode as we discuss Marcus Paige, the winning streak (with McAdoo beard bonus talk!) and JP Tokoto’s dunking prowess. OK, fine. Some for Heels do embarrassing things. Which ones are the worst? The Duke Sucks segment gets a little dicey.

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