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Reed and Andy are back! Or are they?

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Carolina's season ended in the Sweet 16, and it's time to take stock. Was the season a disappointment? With summer approaching, we've got the top thing each player should work on over the off-season. In Dook Sucks, some Laettner fans have some choice tweets for Andy.

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This week, Reed and Andy give you a behind the scenes look at the exclusive premiere of the I Hate Christian Laettner 30 for 30. We recap the Heels’ weekend in Greensboro and share the latest in hate in This Week in Duke Sucks.

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 114

It's the post-Dook episode. Buckle up. What a night -- most of it terrible. The Coach K trophy, the Justise Winslow flying kick, the Dook managers holding towels over Tyus Jones. It was a full night of Dookiness. 

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In this week’s episode, Reed and Andy wonder if teams are starting to figure out this year’s version of the Heels. Britt, Berry and Brice are discussed as well as a look at NCAA Tournament seeding projections. Don’t miss some interesting news in this week’s version of the Duke Sucks segment.

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In Episode 112, we put the Duke loss behind us and try to figure out what Roy needs from the home crowd. Reed has a tribute quiz for one the injured Heels and This Week in Duke Sucks is anchored by Jay Williams.

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Reed and Andy discuss their memories of Coach Smith in this week’s episode. We saw a new starting lineup against Boston College. Will we see more of it and does that mean an increased role for Hicks? The dookies are ruining things in the NBA and gave the boot to a malcontent.          

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It's a very special episode as we're joined by 2009 national champion Bobby Frasor. He helps us break down the important stories of the week, including big man rotation and, of course, Gerry the Bear. Then we play Carolina Mythbusters, as Frasor confirms or puts to rest some of the most enduring legends in recent UNC basketball history. Finally in Duke Sucks, Coach K won his 1,000th game in a typically humble and non self-congratualtory manner. Email us at thbthd.com

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This week, Reed and Andy break down the victories against NC State and Virginia Tech and try to figure out if we still need to worry about 3-point shooting. The much talked about “Best Player” debate is covered along with yet another two-fer of Duke Sucks.

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 108

Great win against Louisville! So how did the Heels close this one out when they failed in a very similar situation against Notre Dame? We conclude our "Buy, Sell, Hold" exercise, evaluating the bench players. And it's a double dip in Dook Sucks: Andy has a brush with an actual Dookie, and the Devils get destroyed in Raleigh. 

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Tar Heel Bred, Tar Heel Dead - Episode 107

It's the new year, and we're back to discuss Marcus Paige, a surprising contribution from Joel James and the Heels' defense. We play "Buy, Sell, Hold" with the starting five, and in Dook Sucks, Jay Williams is up to no good. 

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